at the website of Dutch and Belgian fantasy dollmakers. I would love to share with you, the lovely fantasy work of our different members. The forum has been a meetingplace site 2002 for dozens of fantasy dollmakers. Once started by Hannie Sarris and site early 2010 runned by Astrid Mulder.
Here, you can find the work of the different members, whether they are just starting, semi or pro at creating the fantasy art.
The pieces of art are very various, but all have something to do, one way or the other, with fantasy...
Besides this we have our own forum, a place where we exchange tips and tricks and where we can show our work in progress to one another.
But there is also a yearly forumday,where everybody who wants to, can catch up with each other. For the newbees it is wonderful opportunity to see who the faces are behind the art.
In the meantime there has also a team arisen to help out at the forumstreet at the fairs, like Ahoy.
And ofcourse not forget about the challenge we have every year.

this website is still under construction, but you can take a peek at the art of the different members in the member section.



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