Katja van Wijk-Schoorl

  • Born: 21 march 1962
  • City of birth : Tilburg
  • Website: www.katsatelier.nl
  • E-mail: katsatelier@hotmail.com

  • Background: I can't do without making dolls for some time now. I got familiar with someone who build dolls after the principal of Marlaine Verhelst some 25 years ago. I followed a course and after building 2 dolls I bought a book of Hannie Sarris and started on my own, and yes it is very addictive. Because being creative has always been one of the things I have always done, I have tried out a lot of things. But since a few years now, I started making dolls again. I now mostly make fairies, mermaids, dream worlds and dragons. All my work is handmade and are mostly made of Premier en Premix clay, Modena, FormoFit , Darwi doll and useless materials. I use the air drying clays to build the figures and decorate with pieces of fabric, leather, lace, beads, strass, little shells, and make use of different kind of painting techniques.
  • My favorite....

  • Clay: Premier and Premix clay, Mondena, FormoFit , Darwi doll
  • Tools: Clay tools, spatulas, paintbrushes etc
  • Website :
  • Film: Avatar
  • Music: Marco Borsato, U2, Bon Jovi
  • Muse:
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