Henrieke Klein Geltink

  • Born: 11 January 1974
  • City of birth : den Ham
  • Website: creative-art-works.tripod.com
  • E-mail: henriekeb@hotmail.com

  • Background: Asa small child I was already addicted to drawing and crafting. When I was at high school and had to pick a choice for a additional study, the choice was made easily, I would go to the art academy.But after one year I ran as fast as I could. I then decided to do an education in Educational academics. Something completely different but it is just wonderful to work with children besides that I can do a lot with the creativity in me. Teaching is a very busy job, but with Gerco, my husband, insisting to do something besides work, I picked it all up again. It is still very busy also with two little children around, but I just do it now. My hobby's are quit divers, from painting, goldsmith to sculpting. Sculpting is at the moment my favorite and I'm doing it now up from 2005 now. The little children at school give me the inspiration I need, just like the work of Anne Geddes. I try to let reality go hand in hand with fantasy..
  • My favorite....

  • Clay: sculpy living doll amber
  • Tools: metal spatulas with one side a hook and on the other side a little pointed scoop, skewers
  • Website : www.philippefaraut.com
  • Film: Tinkerbel
  • Music: Irish folk music
  • Muse: Anne Gedess
  • Tip: try new things on a regular basic so things can't get a habit/routine
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