Henny de Vlieger

  • Born: 28 January 1946
  • City of birth : Kruiningen
  • Website:
  • E-mail: vlieger43@zeelandnet.nl

  • Background: I've started sculpting after a part of our business had been sold and I was working less. I always liked to craft, but never could find enough time to do so. At first I tried to sculpt for myself, but after a tip that Yvonne Flipse gave workshops in sculpting. A whole new world opened up for me, but of course this was the cream of the crop. I still admire her work. After making fantasy dolls I turned to more tight work and that works better for me. I still work like that nowadays and with lot's of fun. My husband thinks sometimes it is all too much of it, but is goes in good harmony all together.
  • My favorite....

  • Clay: formofit
  • Tools: my hands
  • Website :
  • Film: many
  • Music: still Elvis
  • Muse:
  • Tip: Follow your feeling
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